Please do not feed or approach wildlife

A reminder to our customers and guests alike. We currently have harbor seal pups in the vicinity of the marina, with very protective mother seals. It is ILLEGAL to approach, harass, or feed them. It is even more important to keep your distance right now as the risk of being attacked and bitten by a mother seal is high at this time. There is no need to be concerned about the pups appearing abandoned or unable to swim, they are being well cared for and any human intervention only puts them at risk. It also desensitizes them to people, creating a chain of future issues with ongoing interactions.

If they are looking at you or splashing water in your direction you are making them nervous and you need to move away immediately. Feel free to observe from a farther vantage point where you don’t see them exhibit this behavior. These are wild animals, despite how cute, friendly and domesticated they may appear. Last Summer we had a seal bite incident involving a moorage customer which can be attributed to trained behavior due to people feeding seals their scraps and bait fish. Please help us avoid any future incidents or tragedies.