Harbormaster Report

The Port of Friday Harbor tracks overnight guest stays as “Boat Nights” to compare to years past.

Of course, economic down turns, off season weather, and even Covid can affect these counts from year to year.

The Port’s three marinas; Jensen’s, Shipyard Cove, and the Main marina on Front Street make up 73% of the Port’s overall Operating Budget. 23% of this comes from guest moorage revenues, which make up 15% of the Port’s overall Annual Budget.

The Port hosts a “Frequent Floater Program” for guests that visit the marina several times per year. Each time guests check in they receive a punch card.  Once they’ve had their card punched 4 times, they can receive a FREE night in the off season between September 15th and June 15th.

Guests can receive up to 5 FREE nights per year.  This helps bring people to Town during the slower season.

Free Nights Redeemed

In 2023 the Port gifted 367 FREE nights equivalent to about $35,000 in guest revenue to help supplement traffic in the off season.

The Port has many types of Passenger vessels that come and go through the harbor.

  • Vessels that operate locally and are based in Friday Harbor
  • Charter vessels from other destinations
  • Larger cruise ships that visit mainly in the off season
  • Transportation vessels that travel daily between Bellingham and Friday Harbor and Port Townsend and Friday Harbor
Passenger Count and Revenue

5 Fun Number Facts About the Port 😊

1. The Port has a vigorous Pump-Out Program and in the last 15 years has removed 2,000,000 gallons of effluent from guest and permanent customers vessels.

2. The Jackson Beach Shelter, built by Port staff was rented 130 times in its first two years 2022 and 2023.  The shelter may be reserved for $50 for your special event, year-round.

3. The Port purchased the Shipyard Cove facility in 2020 and have seen 2,270 barge landings at the Shipyard Cove ramp since that time.  Three main companies land that carry all of the fuel, propane, and oxygen for hospital to the island.

4. Kayak companies have launched 12,655 guests from Jackson Beach over the last five seasons.

5. In the last 5 years the Port’s fuel pier, operated by IPS, has sold 569,672 gallons of fuel.