Effective Jan 1st, 2022

Kenmore Air Land Planes

Kenmore Air Land Planes

Transient Tie down rates:

Piston aircraft: $17/night
Turbo prop aircraft: $33/night
Jet aircraft: $66/night

A $20.00 administrative fee will be charged if not paid before departure.

Day use
Over 5 hours during the day: $5

Wing camping
Wing camping is permitted for pilots and their passengers in designated areas only.
Per night: $25/night

Field search for unclosed flight plans
$100 each

Aircraft Landing Fees:

7,501 lbs. – 12,500lbs.   $50.00/landing
12,501 lbs. – 15,000lbs.  $100.00/landing
15,001 lbs. – 17,500lbs.  $150.00/landing
17,501 lbs. – 20,000lbs.  $250.00/landing
20,001 lbs. – 20,400lbs.  $350.00/landing
Greater than 24,000 lbs.  $500.00/landing

A $20.00 administrative fee will be charged if not paid before departure.

Auto Parking:

Daily – $10.00 includes tax
Weekly – $27.00 includes tax
Monthly – $54.00 includes tax
Annual – $450.00 includes tax


Airport Services

3400 by 75 foot runway
12,500 pound weight limit
45 spaces for guest aircraft
CTAF 128.25
Friday Harbor ASOS (weather) 135.675
Office Hours 8am till 5pm Daily

Passenger Service

Kenmore Air Express 360-378-1067/866-435-9524
San Juan Airlines 800-874-4434
Island Air 888-378-2376 / 360-378-2376
Westwind Aviation 360-317-5331
Friday Harbor Helicopter 360-378-6109
Bellingham Air Tours 360-671-3075
Rite Bros Aviation 800-430-7483

Freight Service

Airborne Express (see Aeronautical Services)
FedEx 800-463-3339
UPS (see Aeronautical Services)
Aeronautical Services 360-378-2640

Flight school provider

Westwind Aviation – 360-378-6991

Aircraft Repair

San Juan Air Maintenance 378-6324
Sound Air Maintenance (360)969-1641


Ernie’s Café 360-378-6605

Helpful Telephone Numbers:

Port of Friday Harbor Airport Office 360-378-4724
U.S. Customs Friday Harbor 360-378-2080
Canadian Customs  1-888-CANPASS
U.S. Flight Service  1-800-WXBRIEF
Canadian (Nanaimo) Flight Service  1-800-668-1333 IFR | 1-888-463-6377 VFR